My story
I am an iOS developer. In the first half of 2022, I worked a lot at that time and there were times when I was really overloaded, my health was really not good, I even fell into depression and severe insomnia. This was so bad that there was a time when I just wanted to lock myself in a dark room. The doctor advised me to take a short time to rest and recover. I decided to quit my job and return to my hometown to stabilize my health situation. My hometown is quite peaceful, with mountains, rivers and has extremely wonderful nature. I started my recovery with exercises like meditation and yoga with the wonderful sounds of nature that my countryside has to offer. Gradually, I slept better, my outlook on life became more positive, and my inspiration for work returned. I asked myself a crazy question:
Can I put the world of my hometown in my pocket and bring it to the city? And from there the idea of Dreamland began to brew in me. I met Andy and started talking about what I was going through and the idea for a sleep, relaxation and meditation app that would help users create their own world. We became professional app developers with a clear vision for Dreamland.

We're still working hard on the next great ideas for Dreamland. Along with that, we will always listen to user’s feedback for the app to bring the best experience to them.

My team
UX/UI Designer